[sdiy] Super cheap synthisizers

Ernest Meyer ernest.meyer at attbi.com
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Hmm. There's a local company selling entire 100MHz 486s computers for $100,
case and everything. What about making a daughtercard with the analog
filters for one of those and using good old x86 assembly?

(steeling oneself for a blast of criticism....)

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phillip m gallo wrote:

> Understanding that discussion to date qualify as "brain storming, a lot of
> good input has been exchanged.  I just wanted to get a feeling for
> issues, not from a product manufacturer stand point (i am not), but that
> a "constructor" who would (at least theoretically) construct and implement
> such a device.
> >(1) Expected cost per channel;
> --> Speaking for myself, time is more costly than component costs (within
> reason of course). Anything that implements "quickly" from a construction
> and packaging point of view has a reduced cost of implementation for me.

    Assembly time is definately the biggest problem I have.  I build
and the amount of time it takes to wire up the panel almost makes that part
the project a drudge...I just recieved some components yesterday that I am
to look at to see if I can solve that problem.  The idea, is of course, to
a PC board that just slides into the holes in the panel with no wires.  It
cost me a few more dollars for the hardware, but it will be insignificant
compared to the time I have spent wiring.

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