[sdiy] Re: The Via board--linux music

Linium intent at club-internet.fr
Sat Jun 15 22:31:40 CEST 2002

Le Samedi 15 Juin 2002 09:53, vous avez écrit :
> >Check out ardour (http://ardour.sourceforge.net/).
> >Also check out http://www.bright.net/~dlphilp/linuxsound/
> > (http://www.ladspa.org/ and http://plugin.org.uk/).
> Thanks! Great! Need to spread the word....

I would advise "Audacity", you should find the link easily on the 
DavePhilipps page above. Audacity has reached v1.0 and should be stable.
So for an immediat use it should do the job. I used it before and it was 
quite "standard" concerning the GUI, no brainer.
It can do multitracking and allow to record and arrange your work (even 
though editing are may be not much evolved).

An European institute (i don't know which one) gives fundings for a new Audio 
Linux distro called Agnula. Even though i don't know when it will ship, you 
will have a low latency kernel by default, the last ALSA for soundcards 
drivers and a vast number of audio applcations already compiled.
So everything to make some sounds without hassle.


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