[sdiy] Panels: early results (WATCH IT WITH THOSE GRINDING TOOLS!)

Machinerygod machinerygod at prism.net
Sat Jun 15 00:33:59 CEST 2002

Friday, June 14, 2002, 3:33:24 PM, you wrote:

DM> A little careful work with a file could remove the little barbs from the
DM> BNC.  So if you couldn't find non-bayonet style you could make your own.

DM> Obviously, you'd need to be careful not to damage all the plating on the
DM> jack... but I think this would be feasible if the non-bayonets are too
DM> difficult to find.  I think a Dremel tool with a tiny grinding head would
DM> make quick work of this.

The best tool I've found for doing this sort of thing quickly is a
4.5" angle grinder. Far faster and easier than a dremel.
Hold the connectors with pliers or a rubber clamp
though, and take the blade guard OFF (yes, you all heard me right,
take it OFF, the grinder can do more damage to you with it on than
off if you get your finger sucked in between the wheel and the
guard..at least you can pull it away if you touch the wheel by mistake)
(I'd be more than happy to send a photo illustrating this to anybody
who doesn't believe me, it's true rotten.com quality material..my
thumb literally had quite a nice piece just missing, which fortunately
has grown back in in the last month)

DM> You could also leave the bayonets installed on the rear of the panel, but
DM> remove them on the front... it would prevent accidentally unplugging
DM> something from the rear.

Now *THAT* is a damn good idea...

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