[sdiy] FS: ASM-1 'kit' (much lower asking price)

Jeffrey Pontius jpont at stat.ksu.edu
Fri Jun 14 15:43:13 CEST 2002

Since this went over like a lead ballon last time, I'm reducing the price
to $280.
For Sale:
An ASM-1 pcb with other components (see below) to build an
ASM-1 based synth in a 19", 3U high, rack mountable format.

These are for sale as one lot, not component-wise.

Components (majority in original packaging):
1. (1) ASM-1 pcb + documentation (that I received from Gene S.)
2. (1) 19" Frakrack
3. (1) Blacet Research PS500 power supply (with line cord)
4. (1) 19" X 3U blank aluminum panel
5. (~30) Xicon Alpha 17mm pot's
6. (>60) Switchcraft 3.5mm jacks (mostly 100k)
7. IC's: LM394CH matched pair, CA3080E, NTE466, CA3140AE, LM311N,2N3906,
2N3904, LM358AN, CD4053BCN, and a few others
8. (>15) Vishay trimmers
9. Various capacitors: tantalum, ceramic, polysterene
10. (~45)   Eagle Indicator Lined knobs with various cap colors.
11. (1) extra veroboard (for additional synth 'modules'), about 3" X 5"
12. CGS psycho lfo pcb (not super psycho)
No resistors are included.

I have had these sitting for 6 months and so many other projects underway
that someone else may as well have fun with this project.

I computed the original total of the costs of all of the above as over
$500, so I'm asking $350 (about 70% reduction).

Thanks, Jeff

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