[sdiy] Synth in a Suitcase

steve thomas s.thomas at qmul.ac.uk
Fri Jun 14 12:24:10 CEST 2002

Hi Jim..I think those are the Zero- Halliburton cases right?
Very nice as I recall..and indestructable!
I dont have experience in  building a synth into these particular
cases (I found a spartanite case for my synthi A clone). But
I guess you have to decide whether to build a frame that holds the synth
front panel/
electronics which you then slide into the case and fix by side scews or
something (this is the method
used in the original synthi A).
When I used the Spartanite case ..I decided to add small aluminium
attached to the aluminium extrusion running around the edge of the case
to hold the front panel. The various synth boards are mounted to aluminium
clad mdf board
in the case interior.


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>     I just aquired a Zero aluminum suit case (I have no idea what they
> are really called, but it looks like one)...seems like I remember that
> more than a few people on this list have built synths in these...
>     I would like any pointers anybody might have about putting panels in
> one of these...
>     I also need to figure out how to clean the outside up, it is pretty
> grungy looking.
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