Connectors was [sdiy] Panels: early results

Toby Paddock tpaddock at
Fri Jun 14 05:55:45 CEST 2002

Lots of test equip has BNCs, so if you consider some test 
gear as 'modules' it might start to make sense. Oscillators, 
integrators, servo-amplifiers, sensor interfaces, o-scopes... 

Or at least a patch panel. 

Also, for non critical patching, you don't always have to 
twist-lock them down. (But you do have to line them up 
when you plug them in.) (and you do get knuckles beat 
up a bit with a tight layout) (and your fingers get sore 
after a while)

Has anyone mentioned the old GenRad plugs? 
A plug is a jack and a jack is a plug. 
Plus they have that nice big fat retro look.

Toby Paddock,
ashamed to admit to not actually owning anything modular :(

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