[sdiy] Getting over eBay (rant)

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Fri Jun 14 05:34:01 CEST 2002

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batzman at all-electric.com writes:

<< We don't make stone axes any more. The metal 
 ones may not have that earthy quality but they get the job done a hell of a 
 lot more efficiently. >>

not if you have to make it from scratch yourself!

I remember hearing that one of the things that gave the old wooden 
instruments their excelent tone was that in the old days, and perhaps in some 
cases today, the timber was shipped by river, with the wood soaking sometimes 
for months if not more.

A pawn shop owner I knew who collected guitars once told me that his best 
sounding guitar was one that a guy he knew made  from a big hunk ofwood he 
found in a swampy area in the water.

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