[sdiy] Frankentron Update

Michael Ruberto frankentron at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 14 05:18:41 CEST 2002

My Frankentron modular is starting to take shape despite 2 layoffs, a 
relocation, health problems, and severe debts. It really is sooo nice to 
finally be able to play this interesting and inspiring instrument which was 
just a dream a while ago.

today I completed the 4 channel stereo mixer module so here is the tally of 
functional units so far.

4 channel stereo mixer.
AD633 Ring Mod.
Blacet Time Machine.
Dual Synthacon VCF.
Dual Moog VCO.
Blacet MiniWave.
Divider/Multiplier. (on breadboard but working)
Moog style LPF + Env. Follower.
Quad VCA.
Power Supply (this unit contains the Midi to CV converter, a lag generator, 
an inverter, and an amplifier with variable gain to +15)

the Time Machine adds a VCLFO and Env. Follower. I modded the unit to output 
these to patch points.
up till now I have been using the LFOs, EGs, and other modulators from the 
Minibox Modular system. I plan to redesign these and build them into frac 
format for Frankentron. so here is my todo list.

Bandpass VCF.
Parametric EQ (on breadboard).
MS20 VCF. (PCB complete)
Dual SEM VCOs. (will substituting a 3046 work?)
Analog shift register.
Sequencer (many ideas for this on paper so far).
Waveshaper (haven't decided which one to build yet).
More Lag Generators!!! (possibly Serge type).
redesigned EGs and LFOs.
I might give in to peer pressure and try building a LP Gate ;-)

After these are complete I am giving up on the frustratingly limiting and 
flimsy fracrac. it was a BAD idea. next system will be in a much larger and 
stronger format. now that I can laser etch my panel graphics I am thinking 
about designing my own panel system and having the panels anodized in 
something other than black. the next modular will have a cosmetic as well as 
sonic personality. metal knobs would be nice too ;-)

Thanks to the following for ideas and enlightenment I got from their 
schematics and discussions.

Roman Sowa
Jim Patchell
Ken Stone
Paul Maddox
Ian Fritz
Scott Bernardi
Romeo Fahl

and thanks to the rest of the list members for suggestions, advice, and 
putting up with my ignorance.


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