[sdiy] Manufacturing or "Death of the West: Act 1"

cyborgzero at comcast.net cyborgzero at comcast.net
Fri Jun 14 04:35:36 CEST 2002

> A lot of other companies are so eager to make profit, they ship the
> overseas, and dump the local labor. At the rate they are going, the
> labor force will all be unemployed, and won't be able to afford
their @#$%
> products.

Well, lets see:

1) All software development is done in Pakistan (but thats almost too
expensive, so Indonesia is next on the list)

2) All hardware is done in mainland China (If I hear "But they have 1
billion ppl you know" I will strangle the bastard.. I can read a
census report too, idiot.. If there are 5 crooks all looking to rape
your wife, should I give them extra ammo for their guns because there
is only 2 of you? Or what if 8 Chinese guys want your kidneys? Should
I give them 2 extra knives?)

3) All manufacture is China or Indonesia

4) All support is India (well, they can speak English, right?)

5) All accounting is done in Mexico (Ever wonder why every Mexican
president leaves office in the top 10 of the wealthiest ppl in the
world? Because corps are stupid enough to let their accounting be done
there, where it can be tampered with!)

6) Most of the buying is done in the USA... (Idiots still haven't
figured on the bottom falling out of that after you cause rampant
unemployment, but, hey, lets make money while we can, right?)

You have not SEEN self-destruct mode until you work for a dying US
megacorp. We insert new layers of management and wonder why the work
*still* isn't getting done, then they get pissed off, layoff whats
left of the engineering and tech staff,  hire MORE management with
bigger degrees and more accolades, and then, as luck would have it,
even LESS gets done! Everyone seems to forget that engineers and techs
keep the place running, regardless of how *scruffy and uncooth* they
can be compared to slick overly-hyped marketing and management types.


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