[sdiy] Batz (rant)

Ken Stone sasami at hotkey.net.au
Fri Jun 14 03:01:09 CEST 2002

E. Barbour wrote:

>Sad to say, this is not surprising. I have heard many times that Aussie
>businessmen are some of the world's most ruthless (and, imo, foolish).
>At Svetlana we had the same problem--the Australian customers
>were some of the worst--always screwing up paperwork, not paying bills,
>lying about receiving shipments (then demanding a replacement shipment), 
>bitching about quality and prices, etc. etc. 

Living here I can only agree. Where I worked, they were idiots, very
destructive to the company, and at the rate they were killing off
departments and employees, they won't be around long. E.g. kill off the
service department, and save two wages. Lose about six wages of work as
people hang around trying to get their busted equipment fixed through the
accounting department.
The department I worked for was moved by the powers that be to their head
office, forced to pay outrageous floor rental, forced to do their internal
jobs free, then were expected to explain why we weren't running at a profit.
This isn't (wasn't) a small company either, but the producer of some of
Australia's major magazine titles.

A lot of other companies are so eager to make profit, they ship the work
overseas, and dump the local labor. At the rate they are going, the local
labor force will all be unemployed, and won't be able to afford their @#$%

>What is it, the isolation driving them nuts? Maybe the summer heat?
>Eating kangaroo burgers?

No, just the almighty dollar.

>I bet many list members have old PCs sitting around..........
>Just think, ship them to Batz in Australia, and you won't have
>to take the stuff to the local recycler or the landfill, 
>only to have them turn you away....Batz will get "rid" of it for you...

I picked up a few at the local church "garage sale". I was buying them at $5
per metre of occupied table space. The old 486 makes a great keyboard
scanner. If you get rid of @#$% windows, the old 486 is a quite powerful
machine, especially when you compare it to the processors we were performing
miracles with in the early 80's. I couldn't build a dedicated Z80 machine
for what I can get a 486.

One good thing about my last job, even though the company heads insisted on
destroying old equipment, my immediate boss was more than happy to use me as
the "garbage bin".

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