[sdiy] Panels: early results

Machinerygod machinerygod at prism.net
Fri Jun 14 02:38:47 CEST 2002

Thursday, June 13, 2002, 6:11:11 PM, you wrote:

JP>     I was trying to be nice...yeah, BNC would be obnoxious...but they are nice...

JP>     I use 1/4" and bananas, depending on what I am doing.

BNC's are definitely nice...just very hard to deal with plugging and
unplugging when they're close together.

To look at this from a video synth perspective quickly, since I'm more
interested in building one of them than a modular right now:

BNC is a standard connector for video, so it would eliminate the need for funny
patch cables. RCA is the other one and is cheap of course, but RCA
sucks if you need to change patches much, it becomes unreliable from
mechanical stress. Banana is cheap and easy to cable, but isn't
shielded unless you use two of them per cable with one lead for ground
I'm wondering whether this could lead to interference and
signal degradation at video frequencies, since they're higher than
audio ones. Is this likely to be a problem? Another connector I've
thought about is SMA, since they're coaxial as well, but much smaller
than BNC and not outrageously expensive depending on the source.

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