VIA board, was: Re: [sdiy] super cheap synthisizers

Theo t.hogers at
Thu Jun 13 22:53:36 CEST 2002

There are relatively cheap DSP evaluation boards available.
Like the AD 21061 EZLITE from Analog Devices ($179  48khz 16bit stereo)
Might be a better basis for a synth than a general PC board?


From: Linium <intent at>

> Le Jeudi 13 Juin 2002 14:59, vous avez écrit :
> > C3's floating point performance sucks, see for the
> > MP3/MPEG4 encoding benchmarks:
> >
> > Besides you can get microATX (also quite small) motherboard Soltek
> > (also integrated graphics & three PCI & DIMM slots) & Duron900 for less
> > than 150 e/$. If you program your synth using fixed point arithmetics
> > the Eden might be viable solution.
> I will see the links how C3 sucks, but on the other hand the interest is
> it can be fanless since power consumption is low. That"s not a little
> ,PC are bad for being noisy, heavy, etc.
> That is to be taken in account if you want to make a synth around the
> Linium

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