[sdiy] Panels: early results

Peter Grenader pgrenader at mksound.com
Thu Jun 13 16:59:58 CEST 2002

BNC would be obnoxious!

Can you imagine doing a big patch with BNC's?  A mult panel would take up a
foot of panel space.

Seriously,  what is the bigga-deal with mini's?  Banana'a are great because
they stack, but it there any sonic defficiency from a mini plug? They are
relatively small and because of that allow for relatively small components,
which means more components/square inch, they unplug easily, they are just
as reliable as any other kind of connector outside of a BNC because of it's

Is there any real problem with mini's??

 C patchon 6/13/02 1:58 PM, Jim Patchell at patchell at silcom.com wrote:

> RCA connectors just don't seem to be designed for a lot of use.  Although,
> my experience with the 3.5mm (although, when I used them, they were called
> 1/8"
> (-:  ) jacks would say the RCA's can't be worse...Still, RCA jacks can be more
> difficult to unplug.  Some of the ones on my stereo are pretty tight.
> BNC's would be nice, but they are more expensive than 1/4" Jacks, and also,
> when you have a lot of them on the panel, it can be difficult to remove them.
> -Jim
> ben wrote:
>> What are peoples thoughts on using other connectors such as RCA or BNC
>> connectors?
>> B.
>> on 6/13/02 6:11 AM, Neil Johnson at nej22 at hermes.cam.ac.uk wrote:
>>> =========================================================================
>>> Connectors
>>> ---------------------
>>> 1/4", 6.35mm
>>> ------------
>>> 6 people prefer these to their smaller cousins, and they are mechanically
>>> robust too.
>>> 1/8", 3.5mm
>>> -----------
>>> Not quite as popular, with 4 people using them, as they are compatible
>>> with the Aries, Paia and Analogue Systems modules.  Also tend to be a bit
>>> less robust than the larger jacks.
>>> Bananas
>>> -------
>>> Bit of an oddity.  Used by at least one person, and also favoured by
>>> Buchla, Serge, Fenix, ModCan, and Tony Clark's synth.  Quite a few people
>>> expressed a preference for them, while not currently using them.  The
>>> stackable feature seems to be the main benefit, together with
>>> colour-coding.  And electrically they are possibly the most robust.
>>> Conclusion
>>> ----------
>>> Most people seem to want to go bananas, with their colour-coding and
>>> stackability, but stick with jacks for compatibility with other systems
>>> (MOTM, Moog, Oakley, Digisound, Paia, etc...)
>>> Probably best summed up by Ken Stone:
>>> 3.5mm  - compact, normalized
>>> 6.5mm  - robust, normalized
>>> banana - stackable, colorful (for color coding).
>>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> Many thanks to all those who have contributed so far.  And if you haven't
>>> yet done so, please do.
>>> As for me, I'm kinda tempted towards the 3U+banana combination at the
>>> moment.
>>> Neil
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