up the wazoo for nada! Re: [sdiy] Panels: BNC Bananas Video

Cynthia Webster cynthia.webster at gte.net
Thu Jun 13 21:59:33 CEST 2002

I feel that BNC should stay strictly video, (it's bad enough that Lit Lite
also uses them for their 12 VDC control board lights)...

RCAs are so inexpensive!  You can have them up the wazoo for nada!

Why not?  A system I've always liked the thought of, is the idea of making
double everything modules for a stereo modular using stereo patch cords
for audio, for control voltages, double everything!
Talk about fat sounding...

Presently I'm wondering what connectors to use for an analog video
synthesizer, and I guess BNC for starters, because most of my gear uses them
already; however I hope to get my Modcan and banana jacks into the act...

Eventually I might make some 9 inch by 2.25 inch Modcan size video panels
for my system with banana jacks.  I wonder how video would be with bananas?
I could use shielded cable behind the front panels though, and box each
module metal Faraday cage style with a cheapo LMB chassis box in back.


> on 6/13/02 12:26 PM, ben at benj at iinet.net.au wrote:

> What are peoples thoughts on using other connectors such as RCA or BNC
> connectors?
> B.
> on 6/13/02 6:11 AM, Neil Johnson at nej22 at hermes.cam.ac.uk wrote:
>> =========================================================================
>> Connectors
>> ---------------------
>> 1/4", 6.35mm
>> ------------
>> 6 people prefer these to their smaller cousins, and they are mechanically
>> robust too.
>> 1/8", 3.5mm
>> -----------
>> Not quite as popular, with 4 people using them, as they are compatible
>> with the Aries, Paia and Analogue Systems modules.  Also tend to be a bit
>> less robust than the larger jacks.
>> Bananas
>> -------
>> Bit of an oddity.  Used by at least one person, and also favoured by
>> Buchla, Serge, Fenix, ModCan, and Tony Clark's synth.  Quite a few people
>> expressed a preference for them, while not currently using them.  The
>> stackable feature seems to be the main benefit, together with
>> colour-coding.  And electrically they are possibly the most robust.
>> Conclusion
>> ----------
>> Most people seem to want to go bananas, with their colour-coding and
>> stackability, but stick with jacks for compatibility with other systems
>> (MOTM, Moog, Oakley, Digisound, Paia, etc...)
>> Probably best summed up by Ken Stone:
>> 3.5mm  - compact, normalized
>> 6.5mm  - robust, normalized
>> banana - stackable, colorful (for color coding).
>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> Many thanks to all those who have contributed so far.  And if you haven't
>> yet done so, please do.
>> As for me, I'm kinda tempted towards the 3U+banana combination at the
>> moment.
>> Neil
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