Re: [sdiy] WOAH! Check out the pin matrix on eBay

jhaible at jhaible at
Tue Jun 11 13:34:05 CEST 2002

>I have a 96 x 96 pin patch that I got from an old dimmer rack that had 96
>dimmers in it, the patch was for 96 channels across to 96 dimmers. It is 19"
>rack wide by 12 rack spaces high, anyone have any ideas on how I could use
>this for a synth since it's bigger than any pin patch I've ever seen?

Graham Hinton (formerly from EMS) once told me that matrices loose their advantages
with increasing size. The number of possible connections grows faster than the
number of connections you're likely to use for a patch, so the matrix concept 
(compared to patchchords)  becomes less attractive.

Just try to locate a pin on a 96 x 96 matrix *quickly* ...

(My 20x20 matrix is harder to use than EMS' 16x16 already.)


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