[sdiy] Getting over eBay (rant)

Sowa Roman Roman.Sowa at upc.com.pl
Wed Jun 12 12:46:34 CEST 2002

Wooow, that was a long post. :)

I'm with you Batz! Like 2 months ago I made a trip to my basement and found
old PC case, so I fitted it with 386 motherboard and other stuff. Now I have
cute little computer for old games and PCB design. Now prepare for this - I
still keep my first PC mobo - 12MHz V20 (8088) carefuly packed, waiting for
better use. I tell all the people at work to bring me all unused PC stuff,
and they do! Some of it I rip to parts, some are laying under my desk.

But I'm not always like this. On my fastest PC I recently installed W98
because I got internet link at home, and I'm too stupid to use it with
something else.


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__I've decided therefore... Read My Lips. "No New Software" 
__What the hell do 
__I need more bloat for anyway? Until I can no longer do the 
__things I need to 
__do with the software I've got, why would I need the latest? 
__Any more than I 
__need the latest digital synth to do what my old analogue gear can do.
__I might get a faster mo-bo from time to time to run the same 
__stuff faster. 
__But I'll sure as hell recycle the mo-bos down the food chain. 
__So here we 
__are. Consummate geeks and nerds who would happily extend the 
__life of these 
__things immeasurably and yet we can't get access to this 
__stuff. What's next? 
__little time bombs in motherboards so they only last the rated 
__9 months 
__before they break down and you have to buy a new one. I 
__realize this is all 
__just basic economics for the big end of town but then we all 
__complain about 
__the state of the planet and wonder why. And it certainly isn't good 
__economics for the rest of humanity. Such as it is. The 
__software industry 
__once thought of it self as very green. I love the term "The paperless 
__office." I've never seen one but it sounds good.
__So that's my big rant. My big dummy spit for this month. 
__There no point. No 
__moral to the story. It just drives me insane when I see this 
__shit. Well Ok 
__"Drives me more insane." But the shear volume and usefulness 
__of this stuff 
__being scrapped makes even me look sane.
__Be absolutely Icebox.
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