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Thu Jun 13 09:31:36 CEST 2002

Wednesday, June 12, 2002, 11:53:03 PM, you wrote:

men> This is nothing, you should see all the stuff the big American
men> national laboratories buy, then sell off the next year in their
men> surplus auctions--without ever using it. They have to--their
men> annual budgets are "use or lose". I've been to the
men> Sandia and Los Alamos auctions. You see things like pallets of
men> brand-new office furniture that had been left out in the weather.
men> And those are not small auctions--imagine a 10-acre fenced lot, 
men> filled with pallets. Every month.

men> In 1993 Los Alamos put out a complete CDC Cyber 135 supercomputer,
men> with all manuals, software and peripherals. It used 100k ECL chips
men> running way past their maximum ratings, pressed against cold-plates
men> in which circulated freon refrigerant. They had just sawed off
men> the cables going in and out, and thrown the cabinets onto pallets.
men> The whole thing ended up selling to a surplus dealer for $2000. 
men> I saw this happen.

Oh, I believe this easily...I work in the surplus industry, primarily
selling networking equipment/storage/etc.(yes my shameless plug, get
your companies to buy stuff from me) and see
all sorts of stuff like this. A lot of the time, the surplus places
that buy the stuff are required to destroy it, especially when it's
coming out of corporate america. Most of the people in charge there
don't have the first clue what's really sensitive and what isn't, so
many times it all gets shredded. There's stupid money to be made if
one can find a scrapper who's unscrupulous and will sell stuff that's
supposed to be scrapped(I don't do this, but I know people who have)

>>already bought and sold or the fact that kids are becoming more and more 
>>exposed to Microsoft's Nemesis. It's funny to watch a corporate giant 
>>dancing around like it's about to wet it self.

men> You have no idea. There is a rumor that Gates is trying to get 
men> his congressman to introduce a bill that would make open-source
men> software illegal for any government or commercial use.

It doesn't surprise me, in fact absolutely nothing surprises me
anymore. Part of me says "there's no way they could
outlaw open source, it would have to be unconstitutional since source
code can be considered speech and if the owner of the IP decides to
share it that's their business"...then another part of me realizes
that Mr. Antichrist..er..I mean Ashcroft doesn't give a flying fuck
about what's constitutional and what isn't, judging from his latest
imprisonment of an american citizen without access to lawyer. But
that, of course, is getting wayyy OT.

mic it.bang on it.saw it.scrape it.burn it.grind it.smash it.break it.

Accused mailbox bomber Lucas Helder told authorities he was planting pipe
bombs in a pattern to show a happy face during his five-state weekend spree.

Put on a haaa-ppy face...

"My brand of Satanism is the ultimate conscious alternative to herd
mentality and institutionalized thought. It is a studied, contrived
set of principles and exercises designed to prevent and liberate from
the contagion of mindlessness which destroys innovation."
-Anton LaVey

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