[sdiy] Batz (rant)

Jay Schwichtenberg jays at aracnet.com
Thu Jun 13 06:52:16 CEST 2002

One of the companies that I did contract work for on and off had a Cray. It
was one of the 'newer' water cooled ones that had the seat around it. I
didn't use it, it was stuck in the back. They got bought up and the Cray
ended up sitting on the loading dock for someone to take for free. One of
the other computer aided chemistry companies took it. Now that would be one
way to heat the garage.

In this area a lot of companies and people donate their old stuff to the
high schools. There is certain criteria Pentium 255 mHz .... but the kids
take them and refurbish them. They either give them to kids at school that
can't afford computers or to organizations that can use them.

I think that a lot of us forget what we have here in the US. In the states
we see very few cyber cafes, mainly at copy and coffee shops. I was in
Mexico for a couple of months and in the normal part of decent sized towns
there is one every couple of blocks. Families down there can't afford
computers so the kids take their 10 pesos (~$.90 - $1) and go down to the
cyber cafe. They mainly do chat stuff but some surfing. Even small business'
go to them to do their paperwork and printing.


> In 1993 Los Alamos put out a complete CDC Cyber 135 supercomputer,
> with all manuals, software and peripherals. It used 100k ECL chips
> running way past their maximum ratings, pressed against cold-plates
> in which circulated freon refrigerant. They had just sawed off
> the cables going in and out, and thrown the cabinets onto pallets.
> The whole thing ended up selling to a surplus dealer for $2000.
> I saw this happen.

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