[sdiy] MC4558CN as replacement for LM358?

harry harrybissell at prodigy.net
Thu Jun 13 04:17:02 CEST 2002

I agree with Takuya (except)

If it is a bipolar (+/-12 to 15V) supply... you can give it a try. It won't
hurt anything... but could vary from not working at all to working quite
well.  Shoot the dice (and order the right parts...)

H^) harry

Takuya KATAYAMA wrote:

> Hello edward and the Lists!
> MC4558CN can NOT be replaced LM358 directly.
> LM358 is a SINGLE SUPPLY op amp such as LM324(QUAD).
> 4558 series are ordinary DUAL SUPPLY op amps.
> So, you must watch your schematic diagram to check power supply lines.
> If the original 358's supply is single supply, you must be careful to
> replace 4558.
> When use 4558 in single supply circuit, output voltage range is too
> narrow, lower limit is GND+1.5V, upper is Vcc-1.5V.
> In DC mixer circuits, I CANNOT recommend to use 4558 instead of 358.
> Audio applications, as AC coupled, maybe be able to replace 358 with 4558.
> =======================================================
> Takuya Katayama at Muse Music Synthesizer Lab., Japan.
> Nihiliste9 at aol.com wrote:
> >  Hi all I was wondering if anyone knew whether I could use an MC4558CN opamp in place of LM358? I have a bunch of the 4558 on hand so Im really hoping I can. thanks for any help. BTW it is being used for Ken Stones' DC mixer, and Burst Generator If that
> >means anything.
> >
> >thanks
> >
> >edward
> >
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