[sdiy] MC4558CN as replacement for LM358?

Takuya KATAYAMA cxh02175 at nifty.com
Thu Jun 13 00:26:39 CEST 2002

Hello edward and the Lists!

MC4558CN can NOT be replaced LM358 directly.
LM358 is a SINGLE SUPPLY op amp such as LM324(QUAD).
4558 series are ordinary DUAL SUPPLY op amps.
So, you must watch your schematic diagram to check power supply lines.
If the original 358's supply is single supply, you must be careful to
replace 4558.
When use 4558 in single supply circuit, output voltage range is too
narrow, lower limit is GND+1.5V, upper is Vcc-1.5V.
In DC mixer circuits, I CANNOT recommend to use 4558 instead of 358.
Audio applications, as AC coupled, maybe be able to replace 358 with 4558.

Takuya Katayama at Muse Music Synthesizer Lab., Japan.

Nihiliste9 at aol.com wrote:

>  Hi all I was wondering if anyone knew whether I could use an MC4558CN opamp in place of LM358? I have a bunch of the 4558 on hand so Im really hoping I can. thanks for any help. BTW it is being used for Ken Stones' DC mixer, and Burst Generator If that 
>means anything.

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