[sdiy] Tuning the SEM Filter

Tony Clark clark at andrews.edu
Wed Jun 12 20:11:42 CEST 2002

> Hi, all- is anyone here familiar with the tuning/offset/balance of the 
> preset pots attached to the 3080's in the SEM Filter? The second one 
> that I am tuning seems to affect the resonance (slightly) the first does 
> not! Just curious! Any help as ever is appreciated...
> Regards, from the ups and downs of commercial synth building, Ken

   The SEM filter is a bit hard to tune unless you have a good noise 
source piping through it, but I'll assume you did that.  :)
   There should be two pots for balancing the offset of the two OTAs, 
then there should be the two(three?) pots for the expo converter which is 
set up pretty much like the VCO's.
   My advice on working with SEM's is to replace the stock ones with 
real sealed trimmers.  Then everything is great in the world.



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