[sdiy] Getting over eBay (rant)

Tony Clark clark at andrews.edu
Wed Jun 12 20:04:28 CEST 2002

> But on the flip side. The Japanese are perhaps amongst the best in the 
> world at recycling electronic and automotive scrap.

   I know this is starting to get way off topic, but I do have some 
things to add here...
   In Japan, there are severe restrictions on automobiles.  For those 
that can actually afford one and can afford to _keep_ it, after a certain 
number of years, the owner has the option to have it scrapped, or pay a 
massive fee to keep it (re-register it or some such thing).  Most car 
owners end up scrapping the car and buying a new one as I guess it 
doesn't cost a great deal more than what the fees are to keep the old 
one!  But again, we're talking the upper echelon of Japan's society that 
can afford cars...
   What's even more fun is that once the car that is being scrapped is 
put on the giant conveyor belt before the giant recycling machine, 
anything that can be taken off of it to be used and/or sold as spare 
parts must be done at that time.  So it's like a race against the clock 
to see how much stuff can be stripped from the car before it enters the 
recycling machine!  They should recruit those car choppers from LA...

> The reasoning went basically like this. Old car create lots more 
> smog. New cars are cleaner. Force everyone to buy new cars all the time and 
> you cut down on smog.

   They have tried that in the US, but each time the automakers get 
around it.  Sure we have nice electro-hybrid vehicles, but yet at the 
same time the largest selling vehicle is an SUV which is practically 
exempt from all smog regulations!  How's that for hypocrisy?!
   As soon as legislation rolls around to regulating SUV's, the auto 
industry will be selling Semi's to everyone and calling them "light 

   Anyhoo, I try to do my part around here at the U and reuse as much of 
the old technology as I can, but it only goes so far...my boss still 
complains that my office looks like a museum!  ;)


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