[sdiy] Getting over eBay (rant)

Sowa Roman Roman.Sowa at upc.com.pl
Wed Jun 12 19:58:05 CEST 2002

Over here it is common practice to place jars filled with water
in pianos. It is recommended by every piano tuner/restorer.
It keeps piano wood from drying out.


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As for Yamaha grand pianos, Yamaha Corp. strongly discourages anyone
buying a gray market piano, claiming these pianos were manufactured for
more humid Japanese climate, and will incur structural problems if they
brought to the drier climates of the US and Europe.  Almost every
professional  piano technician I talked to disputes this claim, the
is Yamaha might be serving its own interest in discouraging used piano
sales in favor of sales of new instruments.

Terry Mchaels

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