[sdiy] Getting over eBay (rant)

jbv jbv.silences at club-internet.fr
Wed Jun 12 21:17:45 CEST 2002

The good side  about recycling old PC
motherboards is that you can get them
for almost nothing, stack them, install
Linux (with some special soft tools
freely available on the net) : in other
words, you can do "clustering" and
have amazing crunching numbers power
at home...
Typical apps are 3D rendering, various
scientific simulations...
Some claim they get the same power as
supercomputers from 15 years ago...

Too bad I lack time : for about a year,
I've kept wondering what kind of
musical applications / creations could
be done with such a cluster hooked up
to a couple of modulars...
What about realtime genetic algorithms
evolving (or even "growing") sounds
& sequences ?
Artificial life techniques applied to
realtime music processes...


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