[sdiy] super cheap synthisizers

Ingo Debus debus at cityweb.de
Wed Jun 12 17:53:46 CEST 2002

Theo wrote:
> Maybe adding a external timer IC like the 8254 is a solution.

Aaargh!! There isn't a chip that caused me more grief than the 8254. If
it isn't treated correctly (and how to treat it correctly is buried very
deep in the fine print foot notes of the datasheet), it forgets what it
was supposed to do and has to be re-programmed!

Seriously, if I'd need just three additional 16-bit timers, I'd use a
8052 clone. Many of them (even cheap ones) have 3 16-bit timers. And
they don't need a full blown parallel bus interface like that old
timer-only chip.


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