[sdiy] Howto merge 2 MIDI streams?

andy mcphive at corrupt.net
Wed Jun 12 17:51:31 CEST 2002

	I will now reveal one of the secret weapons of my analog

	The syntecno TEEBEE is a tb-303 emulator which is great if you
want that sort of thing-- it's midi controlled, and sounds like a 303.
I've never had a 303, but it's got slide and accents and all that, and
it's fun as hell to program from my frostwave fat controller.


	Hidden on the back panel of the teebee are FOUR CV/GATE outputs,
which operate from four separate midi channels (5, 6, 7, and 8 are i think
the factory default channels) and a 2-in-1-out midi merger. AND, it's got
a separate midi in for controlling it that's not hooked up to the midi

	AND, it's got a din/sync out. It reads midi clock from the midi
input, and outputs din/sync. I bought this for $150, and it's potentially
the most useful piece of gear in my cheap-o hacked-together studio. I can
control two separate cv/gate synths with midi keyboards, WHILE the teebee
plays a sequence coming from the fat controller. Since it's got a built-in
midi merger, it is cake to set it up to be the spinal cord of a small
electronic music studio.


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