[sdiy] Getting over eBay (rant)

Terry Michaels 104065.2340 at compuserve.com
Wed Jun 12 17:56:11 CEST 2002

Message text written by "Batz Goodfortune"
>...But the shear volume and usefulness of this stuff 
being scrapped makes even me look sane.

Be absolutely Icebox.

Hi Batz:

It isn't only a grand plan by manufacturers to get people to constantly by
new gear and dump the old, in some cases it is a cultural issue.  I found
this out recently in the process of buying a concert grand piano (Yamaha
C7).  Rather than spending the money to buy a new one, (they're pricy), I
did an extensive search for a used C7.  I found a few scattered around the
US, but it turns out many of the used Yamaha grands available are so called
"gray market pianos", which are pianos originally manufactured for the
Japanese market, sold to consumers in Japan, and then later bought as used
pianos by brokers and shipped to the US and Europe.  In Japan there is a
cultural / religious bias against posessing anything previously used by
someone else.  I'm told that almost all appliances, computers etc. get
tossed into the trash when someone no longer wants them, there is no market
for used equipment there.  That certainly keeps the manufacturers of new
electronic equipment very busy, but it makes for poor use of natural
resources.  It is more efficient to re-use electronic equipment, even if
repairs are needed first.  I bought much of my test equipment for cheap
because it was used and needing repair, I certainly saved money fixing it
myself, and I think I did the right thing in terms of preserving the

As for Yamaha grand pianos, Yamaha Corp. strongly discourages anyone from
buying a gray market piano, claiming these pianos were manufactured for the
more humid Japanese climate, and will incur structural problems if they are
brought to the drier climates of the US and Europe.  Almost every
professional  piano technician I talked to disputes this claim, the feeling
is Yamaha might be serving its own interest in discouraging used piano
sales in favor of sales of new instruments.

Terry Mchaels

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