[sdiy] Getting over eBay (rant)

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> i love the idea of recycling centers like you describe. but half the
> economy is based on folks buying new electronics all the time. if no
one did
> that anymore you'd have one very big recession coming. then again,
> might be what's needed to stop all the world's resources being
plundered in
> 50 years..
> r./

Well, I prescribe to the idea that we *need* a recession to wrest the
power away from the greedy hands that bind ours. BUT, we also need
some inflation, which has been completely blocked by Mr. Greenpockets
here in the states so that the Federal Undeserving can round up them
dollars to give them to China, and they don't want devalued dollars in
payback, so they propped up the US dollar which stagnates the economy
and quells foreign investment, hence why I am looking at my job going
bye-bye soon.

As far as those landfills and such, it sickens me to the core. But,
here in the good ol US of A, where freedoms just another word for the
FBI and Lon Horyuchi having no one left to shoot, the EPA would
soundly tromp your idea of having a recycle depot much in the same
manner they attack auto junkyards and everything else.


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