[sdiy] Getting over eBay (rant)

Rude 66 r.lekx at chello.nl
Wed Jun 12 12:50:15 CEST 2002

i worked for an atari mag here in holland. one day atari went out of
business, the guy i worked for bought their whole inventory. even though
there were totally obsolete at the time, the 1040's and mega st's went
flying out the door for cheap prices. even years after that, there was still
an atari community to support the mag, simply because these guys could still
support the machines. i always found that a brilliant move.
but some of this stuff was just too faulty to fix. i remember sitting amidst
a mountain of ST book's (portable st's) at my desk. i would have loved to
have one, but all their displays were fucked, and it cost too much to have
them replaced. they were all scrapped, or taken apart for parts.

the whole pc industry is built on making people buy the latest stuff every 2
years or so. it's one of the things that make me mad too: perfectly good
stuff can't be used anymore because some bozo decides that 'no one uses
isa-cards anymore'. so i have to buy a new scsi pci card, even though the
old one was still fine. for me pc's have come to a point now where they can
do just about all that i want. i don't really need a 2 ghz pc next year. but
i',m sure there's going to be some reason why i have to change over again.
it's the downside of all this cheap concumer stuff.. fixing is often more
expensive than buying another one.

i love the idea of recycling centers like you describe. but half the world
economy is based on folks buying new electronics all the time. if no one did
that anymore you'd have one very big recession coming. then again, that
might be what's needed to stop all the world's resources being plundered in
50 years..


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