uC Wars part 237534 - was:Re: [sdiy] super cheap synthisizers

Sowa Roman Roman.Sowa at upc.com.pl
Wed Jun 12 11:25:25 CEST 2002

What is the 2nd register on PIC? I thought they have only one - W...
But actually any memory location is treated as a register, and you can
do more with it than with W register (bit manipulation, shift, etc).

And true, paged memory approach is ugly in PIC, but it involves
mainly control registers that are accessed not so often. PICs with more
memmory have that also paged, though I never wrote a program that uses
so much memmory. PICs were designed for simple stuff, like hacking
pay-TV, or game consoles ;-)


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__If your plan to program in assembly it might be wise to 
__consider Atmel AVR
__instead of PIC.
__You will find there are cheap 'n easy to build programmers around,
__lots of examples available and free development software from Atmel.
__AVR are slightly faster,
__there is no memory page shit like with the PIC,
__code size is smaller and
__best of all there are 32! registers vs 2 on the PIC.
__Some instruction only work on the first 16 registers,
__but still lot o' registers makes efficient assembly coding 
__much easier.

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