[sdiy] super cheap synthisizers

phillip m gallo philgallo at attglobal.net
Wed Jun 12 01:22:00 CEST 2002

"The goal is analogue oscillators with digital timing correction."

Let's see if i get the premise.

The sum of all analog voltages into a DCO is samples with enough precision
that a correlation to an expected waveform frequency is achieved. Assuming
the waveform frequency is measured by it's period. A simple calculation
(this is 1V/8ve isn't it) is performed and a correction voltage is applied.

"Its just a personal taste, but IMO running a interrupt at a normal sample
rate and do phase accumulation with DAC output as someone proposed  is out
of the question."

Of course if you do the phase accumulator approach and feed this into a
phase comparitor with your oscillator output as the other input term you
have the std phase lock loop with the correction voltage applied to your
linear osc.

By the way are there two cross-threads occuring?  I thought this started
with someone wanting to implement a "single synth voice per micro"?


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