[sdiy] Panels and cases

Rude 66 r.lekx at chello.nl
Tue Jun 11 23:01:15 CEST 2002

> The jakcs Doepfer uses can be flakey, but this can be corrected easily -
> they should really do this before they ship them, but it seems to me they
> not.  By comparison, both Analogue Solutions and Analogue Systems use the
> same jacks, and theirs are reliable.  Two options for fixing them, one
> a band aid:

welllll... the analogue systems modular i tested had quite a few inputs that
were flakey. however, this was a demo model. in the studio i work we have an
analogue solutions percussion modular. while i love the sounds it makes and
the principle behind it, i was less than impressed with the build quality.
maybe it was from shipping, but several items were almost loose in the case.
it's not used on a daily basis so i haven't encountered input jack problems
yet, but rock solid build quality it isn't. then again, neither are some
commercial synths from the early days..;-)

> P.S.  If it was up to me however, everything would be bananas.  It makes
> ill having to take up panel space with mults!  As far as 1/4 phone plugs,
> this I don't understand that one.  Iv'e asked a few if the increased
> size makes a sonic difference, they all say not.  I would much rather fill
> up my inches with more knobs or more control inputs than the real estate
> needed for 1/4 inch plugs!

same here. the fenix is the ultimate toy here.. banana's, no 2 the same of
any module, AND compact. i had one for a while on 'loan' and seriously
contemplated selling my tr909 to finance one.. but yes, it's ultimately cool
to use one source more than one time by just stacking another plug on


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