[sdiy] AN299 and all that !

Pete G. peteveg at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 11 20:34:27 CEST 2002

Hi Guys,
new subscriber here ! - just re-kindling my interests in building a Modular 
- which began over twenty years ago - but which still haven't come to 
fruition ..!. Maybe this time. Anyone remember a Babani book of sysnthesiser 
projects from about 20 years ago by a certain M.K Berry ? (thats why my 
stuff got shelved !!)

I'm fairly new to the Web DIY synth resources - there does seem to be some 
really excellent material out there, which is great news in a world where 
analogue design is ever more marginalised.

At my last attempt , I knocked up something based on the Nat Semi AN299 VCO 
- had a lot of trouble with the integrator reset circuit ( that 'SCR'-like 
thing). Did anyone ever get that to work reliably ? Got a few ideas of my 
own I'll be trying soon.

Whats best ?  - heated CA3046 / heated MAT04 / LM394 or SSM with Q81 ??


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