[sdiy] Panels and cases

Peter Grenader pgrenader at mksound.com
Tue Jun 11 13:07:26 CEST 2002

The jakcs Doepfer uses can be flakey, but this can be corrected easily - and
they should really do this before they ship them, but it seems to me they do
not.  By comparison, both Analogue Solutions and Analogue Systems use the
same jacks, and theirs are reliable.  Two options for fixing them, one being
a band aid:

1) Once you've got the module out, connect a patch chord into the
intermittant connector.  Get a small straight blade screwdriver and apply
downward pressure on the second contact (the first one closest to the
faceplate is the ground).  This should do it.  it aligns the spring contact
pin so it makes better contact with the tip of the plug.  If you overdue it,
(bend it too far) you'll have the thankless job of replacing the jack.
There is also the risk of deforming the shapoe of the spring so it just
hangs in air basically. Having the plug in there while you do it pretty much
assures you won't bend it too fat in, but be careful none the less.

2)  I am not sure what size they are,  but there is a mini jack that is
slightly larger in diameter than 3.5mm.  I have a slew of these that were
originally sold by Buchla.  I use them in my 3 or so troubled Doepfer jacks
until I get around to pulling them and re-aligning the contact.

hope this helps.

P.S.  If it was up to me however, everything would be bananas.  It makes me
ill having to take up panel space with mults!  As far as 1/4 phone plugs,
this I don't understand that one.  Iv'e asked a few if the increased contact
size makes a sonic difference, they all say not.  I would much rather fill
up my inches with more knobs or more control inputs than the real estate
needed for 1/4 inch plugs!

but that's me..



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>> i found for me personally, the 'miniaturisation' of functions doesn't
>> work...the bigger, the better..;-)
>> r./
> the mini jacks (used in the doepfer at least) can be a little flaky.
> however, the switchcraft mini's are pretty solid IMHO.
> personally, i prefer smaller modules, but, since i've been building up my
> synth with multiples of the same modules, one rack width at a time, i have
> the flexibility to use cabinets of differing heights. i have some modules in
> frack racks and similar cabinets, and some in 6U high cabinets. and one 4U
> serge panel. i've decided to stick with the serge dictated banana connectors
> for my modules.
> Bob

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