[sdiy] EMS Vocoder Demo MP3

Fahl, Romeo RFahl at extensis.com
Tue Jun 11 16:49:13 CEST 2002

Hello synth nerds,

Last week I came across an MP3 that's a demo of an EMS vocoder.  It was
ripped from a reel to reel tape from 1976.  It's pretty cool to listen to,
gives some good examples of what a vocoder can do.  I'd like to share it
with the group, but don't have a place to host it.  I suppose there may be
copyright issues.  If there aren't, does anyone have 12 or 13 MB of space
they can spare? I'm sure a few people would like to hear this.

Here's what's on it:


EMS (LONDON) LTD. 277 Putney Bridge Road London SW15 2PT  Telephone 01 788
3491/2 Telex 92 83 72


List of Tracks:

1a) Natural speech with no transformation.
1b) Monotonic spech wothout 'S' sounds.
2)   Monotonic speech with 'S' sounds.
3)   Using a chord from a synthesizer as the excitation.
4)   Pitch extraction with 'S' sounds and ascending pitch.
5a) As 4 but all formants shifted up a quarter octave.
5b) As 4 but all formants shifted up one octave.
6a) As 4 but all formants shifted down a half octave.
6b) Using white noise for excitation instead of the oscillator.
7a) Using noise ecitation with slight slewing of filters.
7b) Pitch extraction and oscillator with freeze.
8a) Monotonic oscillator with slew.
8b) Compressed speech with pitch extraction and 'S' sounds.
9a) Compressed speech with monotonic oscillator and 'S' sounds.
9b) Compressed speech using noise as excitation.
10) As 4 but using voltage control of slew by an oscillator.
11) Using a chord as the excitation but with freeze/slew.
12) Using the vocoder output as its own excitation.
13) Using music as an excitation. An excerpt from Tubular Bells.
14) Using music as an excitation. An excerpt from Autobahn.
15) Imposing male German articulation onto female English speech.

This reel-to-reel tape dated 14 Oct 1976.



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