[sdiy] super cheap synthisizers

The Old Crow oldcrow at oldcrows.net
Tue Jun 11 16:45:06 CEST 2002

  For experimentation, use a PIC16F628 -- my favorite part these days.  
Good for 5 MIPS.  Three timers, PWM module, A/D, USART, etc.  Essentially 
an updated version of the venerable PIC16C72.  If you go to the 
18F-series, you'll get even higher MIPS rates.


  For the ultimate, use a Scenix (now called Ubicom) SX28AC.  50 or 75 
MIPS.  These use essentially the same 12-bit risc core that a 12-bit PIC 
does, so code is nearly transparent in porting over from a 12-bit PIC.


  Another nifty part I have been tinkering with lately is the Cypress 
'PSoC' uC.  It has a chunk of gate arrays that can be programmed as 
whatever peripherals you want, e.g., 'Programmable System on Chip'.



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