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harry harrybissell at prodigy.net
Tue Jun 11 04:50:00 CEST 2002

I like 'em big too, Larry....

I'm using a clone of the Aries size modules... 9" x 3".  They use a motley
assortment of pin jacks (an early PAiA standard) and 1/8" phone jacks
(Aries and PAiA).

I would ditch the pin jacks today... and might go either 1/8" ~or~ 1/4"

For most of my work I'm using 1U reack mount modules.  If I were to build a
new modular, I'd use 1U x 5" deep rack cases from sescom.com. Then I could
do a 12U in an SKB pop-up mixer case.  I'd do a multi-vco module, a VCF
with ADSR and LFO in one module... a multi VCA... etc.

what I just MIGHT do (other than dream...) is make a series of hex modules
for my guitar synthesis uses... like a hex Moog ladder, a Hex envelope follower
and lag, Hex ADSR (of sorts)... Hex LFO, Hex phaser and vibrato, and maybe
a Hex patch memory for the whole thing... THIS way I could make some of the
boards available to those less ..er....

...endowed then myself....  ;^P

(I did say I like 'em big... didn't i ???)

H^) harry

"J. Larry Hendry" wrote:

> Well, since my synth is all this large format, I certainly agree with the
> larger size.  But, truly one size does not fit all.  So people are quite
> happy with the frac rack size.  I must agree with a hatred for mini jacks.
> I fond that on the Blacet panels (frac rack size) you can indeed squeeze in
> the full 1/4 jack size.  I have mine built like this for testing before I
> change the panel format to the large size to suit my own personal taste.
> And, while I don't use them, it certainly does seem that if you are planning
> to economize on size a lot of good arguments can be made for banana jacks. I
> really like the way Tony Clark has his banana jacks arranged on his DIY
> modules (which have a lot of function in a small space).
> check the archives for SMD stuff and you will find Tony's stuff.
> Larry (I like 'em big) Hendry
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> > So, what's the question?  Is this a "good path" to follow?  Will Paul
> > (MOTM) and Tony (Oakley) be laughing behind their soldering irons, or is
> > it just one of those "no-better-no-worse" outcomes?  I guess its fine for
> > me with my little fingers, but maybe not so suitable for the cloven-hooved
> > among us (you know who you are....with that odd "BBD" birthmark on your
> > forehead >-)
> heh.. i fall into that last category too. having tested quite a few modular
> systems for a dutch magazine (old and new) i find the small front plate
> modulars way too small. i'd definltely go for the motm/synthesizers.com
> size. i was also not too impressed by the mini jacks used by these smaller
> systems.. try to avoid those if you can.
> i found for me personally, the 'miniaturisation' of functions doesn't
> work...the bigger, the better..;-)
> r./
> >
> > Don't get me wrong, I do like the larger panels, plenty of room for lovely
> > panel artwork (nice one, Ken!).  But I guess I'm also drawn to the more
> > compact form, and I've recently been browsing the Analogue Systems website
> > (ooh, than Phoenix system...mmmmmmmm!!!!)  But I claim no bias -- my first
> > modular had the larger-sized panels ... maybe I fancy a change?
> >
> > So, I'm either a mad Englishman (amongst to many...) or as sane as a dog
> > *woof woof*
> >
> > It'd be interesting (for me at least) as to what the split is in real
> > terms between the number of modulars here that are standard 3U panel, and
> > ones that are the larger MOTM/Oakley/Digisound format.
> >
> > In fact, could I suggest the following, for those that are suitably
> > inclined (if not, tilt your head to one side): email me (off-list) what
> > size panels you use in your modular (or plan to use) and I'll compile a
> > summary of the results.  Might provide an interesting perspective on
> > things.
> >
> > Neil
> >
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