[sdiy] Panels and cases

Bob Roesler bobo at decapod.net
Tue Jun 11 01:04:02 CEST 2002

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> i found for me personally, the 'miniaturisation' of functions doesn't
> work...the bigger, the better..;-)
> r./

the mini jacks (used in the doepfer at least) can be a little flaky.
however, the switchcraft mini's are pretty solid IMHO.

personally, i prefer smaller modules, but, since i've been building up my
synth with multiples of the same modules, one rack width at a time, i have
the flexibility to use cabinets of differing heights. i have some modules in
frack racks and similar cabinets, and some in 6U high cabinets. and one 4U
serge panel. i've decided to stick with the serge dictated banana connectors
for my modules.


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