[sdiy] Panels and cases

Neil Johnson nej22 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Mon Jun 10 23:07:21 CEST 2002


As part of a mammouth throw-out at the lab (a few lucky students have got
Sun SparcStations to play with now, and more ancient DECStations than you
could throw at a passing tourist :-) I've nabbed some 6U subracks and
mod'ed them into two rows of 3U.  The intention is to use them for my next
modular system, in the style of Analogue Systems and Dopefur.

I see this is a great way to get an expandable case for my modular (which
will be based on my mini synth modules, BTW), and I plan on doing the
module panels (based on 6HP base unit, same as Analogue Systems) through
Schaeffer.  One outstanding issue is that of connectors -- do I go
"banana"s, or jacks (with a choice of 3.5mm or 1/4-inch).  Both have been
discussed at length before (checked in the archives...thanks Mike!) each
with their own merits.

So, what's the question?  Is this a "good path" to follow?  Will Paul
(MOTM) and Tony (Oakley) be laughing behind their soldering irons, or is
it just one of those "no-better-no-worse" outcomes?  I guess its fine for
me with my little fingers, but maybe not so suitable for the cloven-hooved
among us (you know who you are....with that odd "BBD" birthmark on your
forehead >-)

Don't get me wrong, I do like the larger panels, plenty of room for lovely
panel artwork (nice one, Ken!).  But I guess I'm also drawn to the more
compact form, and I've recently been browsing the Analogue Systems website
(ooh, than Phoenix system...mmmmmmmm!!!!)  But I claim no bias -- my first
modular had the larger-sized panels ... maybe I fancy a change?

So, I'm either a mad Englishman (amongst to many...) or as sane as a dog
*woof woof*

It'd be interesting (for me at least) as to what the split is in real
terms between the number of modulars here that are standard 3U panel, and
ones that are the larger MOTM/Oakley/Digisound format.

In fact, could I suggest the following, for those that are suitably
inclined (if not, tilt your head to one side): email me (off-list) what
size panels you use in your modular (or plan to use) and I'll compile a
summary of the results.  Might provide an interesting perspective on


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