[sdiy] Bournes 300K pots...

patchell patchell at silcom.com
Fri Jun 7 01:45:18 CEST 2002

    Yes, well thanks very much for bringing those to our attention...they are
very nice pots, for the price...although, I had to pay 35 cents each...they
must have raised the price :-)

"J. Larry Hendry" wrote:

> That was me.  I always look those surplus catalogs over for NOS.  About 6
> months ago I got two Power One +/- 15 VDC regulated supplies (the read nice
> ones) with a 5000 mA per rail rating, for $24.95 each.  They were NOS with
> 1998 date codes.  The crazy thing about the 300K pots is they come with the
> real nice very hard to find 3/8" internal tooth lock washers and standard
> nuts.  I have paid more than 20 cents each for the nut / star washer combo.
> Am I crazy to think buying these pots at 20 cents is a good source for the
> second nut you never get with pots and the nice lock washer?  Yes, I am too
> anal to throw the pot away. :)
> Larry H
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>     I cannot remember who it was on this list who put up the notice
> about the "300K Bournes Pots" from electronic gold mine (sorry, I
> already deleted the email), but that was a fantastic find.  I need to
> puruse the surplus places more often.  Just got mine, and they do indeed
> feel fantastic.  Keep up the good work.
>     Except now I need to enlarge the holes on my panel (drilled 5/16"
> for the Xicon pots).  Well, off to the store today to purchase a 3/8"
> reamer.
>     -Jim

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