[sdiy] 32 channel analog sequencer?

Brock Russell brockr0 at shaw.ca
Thu Jun 6 22:17:51 CEST 2002

Hi Peter:

I think you are right here. 8 and 16 step multi-bank analog sequencers
are pretty versatile. Just add a little logic.

>There is another way of doing this you guys might want to consider.  If the
>task is to create a sequence with up to 32 steps,  why not just ping-pong
>the outputs of two 16 step banks, one after another.  It's really quite easy
>to do ths, as I just went through it on my 2 bank 8 step design. Use the
>last step of each bank to change flip flop states, have the outputs of that
>FF gate an analog switch with the sequence bank outs going through it.

I'd add more banks before adding more steps too. An 8 step, 4 bank
can be easily be designed to be configured as 32 by 1 yet is much more
versatile with short sequences since you can control more parameters.

>The only downfall is if you wish to reset the sequence with less than the
>total number of steps (32).  Admittedly, this is a big downfall.  A way
>around it tough would to have 32 pulse outs (2 per step), with the second
>out of each step being enabled by the same flip flop state that's allowing
>the ping-pong of the voltage outs.  I hope I'm being clear:
>Two pulse outs per each step (of sixteen total).  The first would fire when
>the sequence was in it's initial flip-flop state (step 1 thru 16), the
>second would only be enabled in the second state (step 17-32) when the bank
>two voltage pots would be 'live'.

...or use less hardware, do the enable at the reset input,
16 jacks => 1 switch

>If you elected however to make asingle counter that did 32 discrete steps,
>you with this manyI would strongly suggest you include pulse inputs to each
>channel which force the sequencer to go and hold at any given step until the
>pulse is released or another channel input pulse is received at another
>step.  Could you imagine what a job it would be to tune all of these while
>the sequence is running?  yikes

...what? You have a sequencer with no single step mode?


Those of us with no chops must build more sequencers...


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