[sdiy] 32 channel analog sequencer?

James Husted james at ersatzplanet.com
Thu Jun 6 17:42:05 CEST 2002

On 6/6/02 1:42 AM, "Chromatest J. Pantsmaker" <chromatest at graffiti.net>

> andy wrote:
>>         I always wanted a sequencer with a five-way switch for octave and
>> a twelve-way switch for chromatic note, since most of my sequences are
>> quantized anyway....
> I've been thinking about a 7 way switch with a switch with a secondary
> resistor for the sharps/flats (standard western scale I suppose).
> seems like a 7pst switch would be easier/cheaper to find than a 12.
 Take a look at the schematics for the Sequensial Pro-one synth. If you
clone the circuitry from the DAC to the output, you can make a sequencer by
using the typical sequencer circuit feeding BCD switches (with diodes of
course). The Pro-one has a DIP socket right on the PCB to do this (you have
to pull the processor out to get it to work). You can get 6-bits worth of
note range from it. The output circuit has glide also. I have a bag of BCD
switches that I've kept to do this with. Unfortunatly this has fallen into
the "something I will do someday and probably won't" category.
James Husted
james at ersatzplanet.com

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