[sdiy] OT : parts for analog tape recorders

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> >Where could I find heads and calibration tape
> >for such gear, like AKAI 4000 DS MK-II and
> >AKAI GX-215D ?
> >Of course, I'd prefer to get it from a source
> >within the EEC...
> BASF and Magnetic Reference Labs  make calibration tapes, if that'll help
> point you in the right direction.  BASF is now calling themselves Emtec,
> least in the states.  MRL makes the tapes to order, and they're not
> stocked anywhere.  You'll want to know the tape speed, formulation and
> running length you want.
> Check out
> http://www.flash.net/~mrltapes/
> Even if you go with an Emtec tape, there are some very good whitepapers
> about tape related things there.
> Also, peek at
> http://www.jrfmagnetics.com/
> They do head refurbishing, and might have some other useful links.
> I'm trying to come up with the name of a company that sold 1/4" heads
> affordably, but I'm drawing a blank.
> Byron Jacquot

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