[sdiy] OT : parts for analog tape recorders

Byron G. Jacquot thescum at surfree.com
Thu Jun 6 05:28:56 CEST 2002

>Where could I find heads and calibration tape
>for such gear, like AKAI 4000 DS MK-II and
>AKAI GX-215D ?
>Of course, I'd prefer to get it from a source
>within the EEC...

BASF and Magnetic Reference Labs  make calibration tapes, if that'll help
point you in the right direction.  BASF is now calling themselves Emtec, at
least in the states.  MRL makes the tapes to order, and they're not usually
stocked anywhere.  You'll want to know the tape speed, formulation and
running length you want.

Check out
Even if you go with an Emtec tape, there are some very good whitepapers
about tape related things there.

Also, peek at
They do head refurbishing, and might have some other useful links.

I'm trying to come up with the name of a company that sold 1/4" heads fairly
affordably, but I'm drawing a blank.

Byron Jacquot

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