[sdiy] 32 channel analog sequencer?

Peter Grenader pgrenader at mksound.com
Wed Jun 5 19:41:53 CEST 2002

Anyone on this list have experience at the University of Sonology in Utrect,

Fritz Weiland had a sequencer there that was something like one bank of 132
or something huge like that.  It's been around since the midsities at least.
God knows what it's made out of.

on 6/5/02 1:28 PM, Jim Patchell at patchell at silcom.com wrote:

> Attempted...yes.  I started to build a 64 step sequencer a long time
> ago...not really too sure why I lost interest.
> 32 steps wouldn't be that difficult to do.  I would probably use a pair of
> DGxxx....(there are x's there, I drew a comple blank on the part number for
> the
> 16 channel analog mux)...
> -Jim
> Michael Schulze wrote:
>> Has anyone here ever attempted an analog sequencer with more than 16 steps?

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