[sdiy] 32 channel analog sequencer?

Paul Maddox Paul.Maddox at Wavesynth.com
Wed Jun 5 22:40:52 CEST 2002


Or use two fo the 4067's (16 channel versions of the 4051)

use a 4516 (dual binary up/down counter) to drive the address inputs on the
Then you can have forwards and backwards at the flick of a switch.


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> No but is should not be too hard.
> 4x 4051 to select the pots and a 4052 to drive the Enable inputs of the
> 4051s and your halfway done.
> No need for fancy expensive mega channel switch ICs
> Theo
> From: Michael Schulze <michael.schulze at oberlin.edu>
> > Has anyone here ever attempted an analog sequencer with more than 16
> steps?
> >
> >

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