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Hallvard Tangeraas northstar2010 at yahoo.no
Wed Jun 5 20:25:57 CEST 2002

At 16:27 +0100 05-06-02, Neil Johnson wrote:

>On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, Hallvard Tangeraas wrote:
>> It seems like several people have misunderstood how to unsubscribe, so
>> here's the relevant information...
>Nice one, Hallvard.  Perhaps this is a good prompt to set-up some kind of
>message footer with an unsubscribe link in it?

Thanks :-) Just trying to be helpful.
Yeah, this is what I have in my own list (Notator/Creator SL MIDI sequencer
software discussions -see my signature for the URL). It's automatically
added to each posted message to the list. I've also made some rules which
members are requested to read, and have taken a lot of time to explain all
of it in an easy and quick way.
The result is that I have very few problems with the list.

One thing I've done differently from this list is to have each reply
default back to the list instead of to the sender. I've noticed that each
time you press "reply" here, the "To:" address shown is the one of the
sender, so I have to do some cut/paste. Annoying and unnecessary in my
opinion, but then again it's not my list, so I'll just live with it as long
as I subscribe.

Notator/Creator SL : <http://www.notator.org>
Atari Launchpad    : <http://launchpad.atari.org>

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