[sdiy] Elantec Parts?

Grant Richter grichter at asapnet.net
Wed Jun 5 07:48:23 CEST 2002

While looking for multipliers, I found the Elantec web site.

The EL4083C current mode 4 quadrant multiplier looks like a dream part.
Usable both for audio and analog video. The output can drive 75 ohms
directly. I tried to chase it down. The distributor (Avnet) says the parts
was discontinued in 1999... ARRRGH... Just look at the application notes for
this chip. A real beauty with adjustable input impedance and bandwidth.

Anyone know where I can get some EL4083Cs???

They did say the EL4094C was still in production. This is a 8 pin DIP or SO
crossfader with a bandwidth of 60Mhz. Price quoted was $5.40 each in 100
piece quant. This is optimized for 1 volt operation, but supply rails can go
up to +/-15 volts.

They also show several video sync seperators, the EL1881 looks like a LM1881
second source (if still in production). There are two more, one has an
internal chroma filter. (The LM1881 likes an external 3.58Mhz band reject
filter to keep the color burst from messing up the sync seperation).

Those who are thinking about analog video synthesis should check out the
video chips and application notes. Better get them before they are killed
off by the accountants.


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