[sdiy] VCO Cap Switch

Scott Bernardi sbernardi at attbi.com
Wed Jun 5 06:00:03 CEST 2002

The datasheet shows the LM319 spec'd at 36v max, same as a LM311. The LM311 needs
a pullup resistor also, doesn't it?
I used the second comparator in the LM319 for the pulse output (sawtooth on one
input and PWM input on the other).

Ian Fritz wrote:

> Stick with the 311, unless you need to use a dual (as some of my balanced
> tri VCO designs do). The 319 is difficult to work with, requiring reduced
> PS voltages, output pullup, etc.
> >Isn't it also more important to have a consistent reset time than a short
> >reset time if you aren't that critical of the waveforms?
> >
> >Also what should we keep the reset time under?
>    Ian

Scott Bernardi
sbernardi at attbi.com

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