[sdiy] PCB designing software

>>>marjan<<< urekar.m at EUnet.yu
Wed Jun 5 00:47:42 CEST 2002

> Windows version 2.7 as Jim mentioned seems to be good too.
> My PCB fab highly recommends using this version when ordering
> boards. As for version 3, they don't want to accept PCB
> files from that unless you really insist.

Indeed. Protel PCB 2.7.1 / Dedign System (Sch) 3.2.3 combo
is what I use most of the time and it works flawlessly on
my 200mhz clunker w/ windoze 98SE. For autorouting there's
QCad 5.0 for DOS. I have Protel 99SE w/ Service Pack 6
but this slows the system, but works OK for now, still learning
all the stuff. Protel 98 was indeed disasterous.
Sometimes Easytrax comes handy for working on old DOS machines
at university (and it fits a floppy with all the manuals, addons
and projects :) Autotrax is used in some of those machines but
my understanding that it's just a big bro to Easytrax.



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